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Simkins Tree Service LLC is owned and operated by Leo Simkins, an arborist who is certified by the Massachusetts Arborist Association and studied Urban Tree Management at Paul Smiths College.  Each consultation and estimate is conducted by a certified arborist. Simkins Tree Service LLC is fully licensed and insured with general liability and workers compensation insurance. Our promise is to make sure that every job is completed safely, properly, and at a fair price — leaving you a satisfied customer!


Planting Recommendations

Trees and shrubs are essential assets that play an important role in your quality of life and the value of your property. That’s why it is important to choose the right shrub or tree for the right location. At Simkins Tree Service LLC, we can help you choose plantings that will provide you with years of pleasure — as well as solve a myriad of problems for you: create natural screens to block traffic noise from roads; protect your home from cold, winter winds; screen unsightly views; and help keep your home cool in summer.

Planting and Transplanting

Simkins Tree Service LLC takes pride in our work. We also grow a variety of hard to find specimen trees. We do not just “plop and drop” our plantings into a hole and call it a day. We plant in the optimal location, at the appropriate depth, and remove all burlap and wire baskets to prevent stem-girdling roots. These important steps, along with others, ensure that your plantings will have long and healthy lives!


Proper and regular pruning is one of the most important ways you can protect your "tree investments" and ensure that your tree and shrubs remain healthy, strong and attractive! Simkins Tree Service LLC offers large tree pruning services that include crown cleaning, thinning, reduction and raising — as well as smaller ornamental tree and shrub pruning.

Cable and Bracing 

Cabling and bracing is the use of steel cable and/or steel rods to support weak crotches between branches, 

co-dominant leader branches, and branches with little taper. We find it useful for some ornamental trees that cannot handle the weight of snow, as well as heritage trees. It should be noted that with proper lifetime pruning of trees by Simkins Tree Service LLC, many of the reasons for cabling and bracing can be prevented.


Lightning Protection

Tall trees are susceptible to being struck by lightning. Without protection, lightning's electric current is drawn to the moisture inside the tree, which can cause permanent structural damage or even cause the tree to explode. Simkins Tree Service LLC properly installs lighting protection to attract electricity to a copper electrode at the top of the tree, and let it travel safely down to the ground through a copper wire attached to the tree stem.

Emergency Tree Care

If you are caught in a situation where a tree has fallen across your driveway, on your house or on your car, Simkins Tree Service LLC will remedy the situation by carefully removing the debris to avoid further damage. We also will evaluate the safety of trees damaged in a storm and let you know whether or not they should be removed. Call any time of the day or night and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Tree Removal

At Simkins Tree Service LLC, no tree is too big or too small for us and safety is our #1 priority! With over ten years of climbing experience, we are able to work on trees in areas where big equipment cannot go. We work with a crane service for trees that are too dangerous to climb, or in situations where there is no room to lower branches.  We provide onsite evaluations regarding the safety of your trees, as well as advising which trees should be removed to allow more light and increased air flow around the house, helping to reduce problems with mold, mildew and moss.


Stump Grinding

Simkins Tree Service LLC provides complete stump grinding services with minimum damage to your property. Our stump grinder is self-propelling so no large vehicle drives on your lawn. When we remove a tree

stump, we do a “final clean” so it looks like the stump was never there!